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“My brother, sister and I can’t thank you enough for your help after my mothers leg had to be amputated! Thank you, Thank you!”

— Lisa R., Maryland

“Back in January 2012, my parents were in a serious auto accident in Southern Maryland. The party at fault only had minimum state insurance coverage. Judy and her staff did an excellent job working with the insurance company to insure proper care was given in the nursing home while my dad recovered as well. All medical expenses were paid and my parents received a significant recovery for their injuries and pain and suffering.”

“Ms. Feinberg helped me and Linda get through a difficult time with our case. She cared about our situation and helped us get what we deserved from our situation.  I would recommend going to Ms. Feinberg for legal help.”

— Royce P., District of Columbia

“I hope I never get into an accident again but if I do I’m going to Feinberg Myers! They clearly explained the process of my claim to me and handled my case from start to finish.” 

— Kimmy T., Virginia

— Jerry W., Pennsylvania

“After my car accident, I was hassled daily by insurance companies, when all I wanted was help with my medical treatment. I went to the attorneys at Feinberg Myers and they made sure that I received the medical treatment I needed and that I was fairly compensated.”

— Tom A., Maryland

"Judy Feinberg, Attorney at Law, this is whom you want representing you. Their team worked tenaciously resulting in victory! My thanks to you and your team Judy. Great job!"

— Gregg G., Maryland

"I had a questionable liability case in a serious automobile accident where there was no offer of settlement.   After filing a lawsuit, doing discovery and going to binding arbitration, Ms. Feinberg won the case and obtained policy limits for damages.  Ms. Feinberg fought for me and my rights when no one else would. Thank you, Judy!"

— Tyrone V., Maryland

"Thank you for being such a positive influence on my law school journey. I spoke about my experience working for you in all of my interviews. I spoke to the training I received and the fast paced nature of your work. The constant feedback and experience I received during my internship with you is unmatched. My interviewers were very impressed!"

— Larissa W., Pennsylvania

"I have been a client of Atty. Judy Fienberg since 1995.  For almost 20 years, she has represented me in several cases involving automobile accidents and personal injuries. In addition, she has assisted and represented three of my brothers who were actively in the military as well as several friends and co-workers. She has consistently involved myself in the case process, provided thorough information and advocated on her client’s behalf. I can certainly state that the end result has been favorable because of Attorney Fienberg’s expertise and dedication to her work and her clients."

— Gloria R., Maryland

"Attorney Feinberg has been our attorney for over 30 years. She has represented my family and limousine drivers for our limousine and transportation company for automobile accidents and other legal matters. She has handled the cases expeditiously and obtained maximum monetary recovery including getting our medical bills paid, our lost wages and pain and suffering. I would highly recommend Ms. Feinberg to anyone has had an automobile accident no matter how big or small."       


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